Our story

HORN was founded in 2022 by a Former British Royal Marines Commando who has been working in conservation for several years and was born in Africa himself. HORN utilizes international military veterans’ skillsets alongside local conservationist experience to build and execute the set training programmes for rangers. We are a South African registered Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the protection of the world’s critically endangered wildlife species and the ecosystems in which they exist.

Funding is used to provide training and mentoring to those operating on the front lines of counter poaching operations.


We use a four-phase approach for each project we execute:



Each project and location is different. We assess the current poaching activities, skill level of the counter poaching rangers, operational assets, intelligence protocols and current counter poaching strategies.



Teams and individuals are trained accordingly to what has been observed in Phase 1. These training packages can be tailored to the reserve or protected area’s current needs and wants to create a more robust security structure for their personnel, wildlife, and ecosystem.



We believe in continued mentorship. Upon completion of a training package, our instructors will conduct a post assessment; we then join counter poaching rangers in the field on operations to directly mentor them on front line operations and support them in areas in need of improvement.



Training and Kit donations directly empower the counter poaching rangers. Training local community members to become counter poaching rangers empowers that specific individual, their family and local community. Education and direct empowerment of a local community can have a positive effect on poaching activity within the area at hand.


Meet the team behind HORN, we are dedicated to the protection of the world’s critically endangered wildlife species and the ecosystems in which they exist. 

Glen Steyn


Glen is a former Royal Marines Commando that devotes his life to protecting Africa’s Wildlife. Glen was deployed in Afghanistan with the Special Forces Support group to conduct high risk arrests. After that he worked as a security consultant in hostile environments in the Middle East and Africa. Glen saw a need for his skill set to be shared with conservation and counter-poaching teams in Africa and became a trainer and mentor to these rangers. He started his career in conservation in early 2018, he has trained Counter Poaching units in South Africa, Namibia, Cameroon, Mozambique and Zambia. His passion is to create a sustainable model in which wildlife can be protected.

Jenna Fulcher

Director Marketing & Communication

An engineer full time but at heart she is devoted to creating change in the world – however, big or small it may be. Jenna is well accustomed with improving process in almost any industry and analysing trends and problems within conservation. She adds an analytical perspective on the non-profit and aims to make the best strategical decisions where possible. Jenna loves our wildlife, our environment and our people and aims to make man, money and matter work in harmony – that’s where the magic happens.

Brent Steyn


Brent is a registered Chartered Accountant. His current role is the CFO of Outworx based in Umhlanga. Brent lives in Ballito, but he spent most of his childhood with his brother Glen in the outdoors and playing a wide variety of sports during and afterschool which he excelled at. Brent represented provincial teams in Tennis and hockey. An avid bush lover after spending many family trips in the African bush in places like the Lapalala Wilderness, which is home to a large number of Black Rhinos. 

When not doing his day job, Brent can be found either out on the roads or tracks running plenty of miles, playing tennis or on the golf course.

Ramana Govindasamy


Ramana is a seasoned investment professional with +12 years’ experience in investment banking and venture capital across the U.K., Europe, African and Asian markets. He’s closed +USD 20bn of award winning Buy and Sell side M&A and capital raising mandates, with sector expertise in Life science, Deeptech and Natural Resources. His venture building experience spans digital health, MedTech, Biotherapeutics, food tech and sustainability, having invested and assisted companies in securing USD +10m in funding in 2021. A native South African living in London, he remains passionate about wildlife and conservation across Africa and is a huge fan of the Springbok rugby team!

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