our mission

To create sustainable protection of endangered species by training and mentoring counter-poaching units operating on the frontline of conservation.

our vision

Our future generations deserve to witness the beauty of Africa’s wildlife.

What we stand for

HORN is a Non-Profit Organisation that believes in Courage, Compassion and Collaboration.


Everything that we do is for the good of our wildlife and our conservation work is aimed at countering the international illegal poaching and wildlife trade.


Counter-poaching rangers risk their lives daily to protect our wildlife. We want to enhance their courage by building-up the capacity of counter-poaching units who work on the frontline of conservation, through training and long-term mentoring programmes.


Our charity aims to work with local communities to combat poaching and promote the importance of conserving our wildlife.


The work of delivering counter-poaching packages in the most challenging environments is possible due to generous donations from the public and corporates.


We would love you to volunteer your time to our cause. Contact us and tell us where, when and how you can help us!

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Meet the team behind HORN, we are dedicated to the protection of the world’s critically endangered wildlife species and the ecosystems in which they exist. 

Glen Steyn


Jenna Fulcher

Director Marketing & Communication

Brent Steyn


Ramana Govindasamy


About us

HORN was founded in 2022 by a Former British Royal Marines Commando who has been working in conservation for several years and was born in Africa himself. HORN utilizes international military veterans’ skillsets alongside local conservationist experience to build and execute the set training programmes for rangers

Together we can make a difference

It’s time to help us enable those on the frontline of conservation. Make a difference! Make a donation!